Mid Month Update 1 - Tokyo Buffalo

Starting off this series and blog with an update on what I have been working on. For those of you who are interested, and even those of you that aren’t here’s a quick rundown of what I have been doing.

##Tokyo Buffalo

Starting a new business is always exciting and I am starting a new business with a friend of mine (@tronicdata)[https://github.com/tronicdata]. At first, we plan to work with local clients and working on our own litle application that should be released mid 2016.

##Give Me the Time

At the beginning of the year, I began working on a little extension called “Give Me The Time”. It’s a little program that will tell you the local time in your area and the time in another. Sounds like so many other applications / extensions out there, right? Well, this one has a nice little addition that I can reveal in a few months. (Quite busy these days, sorry!)

That’s about it for now; will update you again at the end of August. Take care!